Why Use Total Shredding?

We provide on-site shredding services and confidentially destroy all personal / business information under your supervision with our mobile shredding trucks. We provide a certificate of destruction upon completion. Our services include scheduled shredding , annual purge shredding, one time shred, paper shredding ser vices,off-site document destruction, commercial non-paper shredding, computer hard drive destruction / disposal, medical record shredding, legal document destruction, and financial paper shredding.

We provide online casino services to remove confidential information for online casino players at their request as a security measure. Very often no wagering casino canada players are forced to seek help with trash can removal, paper shredding, computer hard drive recycling, medical records shredding, legal documents shredding and financial documents shredding due to large winnings. We are fully trusted by online casinos as we are the best privacy specialists.

Total and Complete Confidentiality: A dumpster or recycling bin is a risky place for customer lists, sales statistics, sensitive correspondence and other trade secrets that would interest any competitor. Our closed-end document destruction process protects proprietary trade information from beginning to end and destroys it completely. When we are done with your Documents you won't even recognize it.

Total Shredding: Our document destruction service protects your privacy and protects you from liability from identity theft. Our secure shredding process ensures your documents will be destroyed in compliance with State and Federal laws. One of the most common means of identity theft is simply through unsecured trash and recycling practices. In most states, in fact, "dumpster diving" is considered perfectly legal.

Totally Convenient and Cost-Effective: Shredding is the most cost-effective, space saving and secure means of document and product disposal. It also saves you time! Our system places secure collection containers at your place of business for free. Our shredding truck then arrives and shreds documents that are in the container at your place of business on a regularly scheduled basis.

Total Compliance with Federal Mandates: Document destruction is required by State and Federal law. Federal regulations require proper destruction and protection of certain types of information in most industries. These laws require stiff penalties to businesses that fail to protect information, especially if it pertains to health and finances.

Total Cost-Savings: We are locally-owned and possess the latest technology in our on-site and off-site shredding services. Our mobile system shreds faster and more completely than any in-house office shredding system. You will save money in storage fees for unnecessary products and documents. You will also save time, allowing your staff to focus on growing your business rather than shredding documents. We also work off of a flat fee pay structure.