How One-Time Purge Service Works...

Why Document Recycling is Important For Casinos If you have ever worked as an accountant or run your own business, you are probably aware of the enormous amount of paperwork. The same applies to casinos, including online casinos. In such a large enterprise, it is very important to keep confidential documents secure. As online casinos often operate in a grey area of the country's laws, compromising documents have to be destroyed and shredded. Online casinos like fastest withdrawal online casino Australia have several types of documents that need to be cut and destroyed in their favourite ways - receipts, invoices, contracts for illegal services rendered, as well as internal documents that are out of date. It is important to free up space on computers as well as in office filing cabinets where documents are usually kept. The casino can use the services of special companies or destroy the documents itself. Both ways have their pros and cons.

Sometimes, you might not need a scheduled service contract and just need a one-time purge of old office or home records. We can come to your place of business or residence, transfer the contents of banker boxes into our rolling 65-Gallon Euro Cart and shred these documents on-site. At the curb, our state-of-the-art shredding truck will make these documents unrecognizable. Or if you don't have the need to watch your one-time large-volume document purge, it may be more effective to utilize our off-site shredding. Either way, a certificate of destruction will be provided with your invoice.

Purging sensitive documents in this way insures that your company is complying with federal and state mandates in many industries that come with thousands of dollars in fines for failing to dispose of consumer information correctly. The shredding process is also environmentally-friendly in that we do our very best to recycle everything we shred. You should know that recycling without shredding does not make sure your purged records are secure.

First, dumpster diving is considered legal in most states and dumpsters are a prime place for identity thieves to find information on their next victim. Federal laws would make you liable.

Second, recycled paper is often sold unshredded and can sit in holding areas indefinitely or even be transferred to another country. As a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID®), we take your security and confidentiality seriously and follow their best practices guidelines.

Our closed-end process makes sure that your documents stay secure and you are welcome to watch us at any time. Our drivers undergo a background and fingerprint check through the County Sheriff's Department and are tested for drug use. They are uniformed and bonded and can be identified by the Total Shredding ID Badge that each is required to wear.